I am grateful for a productive day in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful to my in-laws who gave Farley a big Lego airplane. It’s a big set, and he really wanted it. He worked hard putting it all together, and he was really, really proud when he finished the whole thing.

I am grateful for time spent with my boys tonight. While I was making dinner, Coop was being a great helper with Farley’s Lego airplane set. He was receptive when Farley was getting upset because Coop wanted to take it over. I asked him not to touch Farley’s airplane – I told him the best thing to do to help was to help him find pieces and lend some advice when Farl asked for it, but that Farley should be the one to stick all the pieces together. He did just that like a champ. If that’s not nice, what is?

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