I am struggling with gratitude today. Painful, hard things happen to good people who don’t deserve it. Thinking about writing this post tonight, I’ve tried to find some silver lining on a dark cloud that has moved in on the lives of some folks I know, but there isn’t one. Things like this shouldn’t happen to anyone. This doesn’t inspire gratitude. Not a bit. Not at all.

One thing I’ve gained by writing this blog has been a deeper understanding of the complexity of human experience. In particular, that you can have a bad day, a good day, get bad news, feel overwhelmed and powerless, feel lucky, find safety, etc, etc, all in the same 24 hours. 

Good things happen every day. They happen on bad days, too. Both are true. Recognizing the bright spots shouldn’t mean denial of the darkness we sometimes experience.

I am grateful for my bike ride home, and for warm, summer weather.

I am grateful the macaroni and cheese I made tonight turned out well.

I am grateful for near daily glimpses of ferrel deer in my city.

I am grateful for my family’s health.

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