I am grateful for a phone conversation with an old friend from long ago this morning. I was a Scout, and later a Venturer in my younger years. The Scouter was a guy named Tracey, who had a profound and positive effect that lasted many years after I was too old for the scouting program. We were in touch into my 20s, maybe even some of my 30s, but we hadn’t talked for a long time. It was good to hear his voice this morning.

A new year’s resolution of mine has been to get in touch with people I remember having strong personal connections with in my past, but for whatever reason, haven’t spoken with lately. Facebook friendship is great in many ways, but it presents me with an illusion that I am in touch with people that I haven’t connected with in a real conversation for many years. I have too many people who are too dear to me that I haven’t talked with in too long. I made a list. I’ll be reaching out. Feel free to get in touch with me first if you feel you are someone who belongs on it.

I am grateful that at last a big secret Julie and I have been keeping is out. We revealed to the boys when they got home from school today via a game of hangman that they would be going to Disneyland all next week. We decided to go back in September, but really wanted to surprise them. They were indeed surprised, and we’re all pretty excited!

I am grateful for a productive day on all fronts but painting. I missed that today, but really, I am also grateful to be someone who just doesn’t have much they need to complain about.

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