I am grateful for a birthday party I attended with Farley where I learned many of the names of the other parents to go with their faces that I’ve been seeing every morning when I drop the kids off at school.

I am grateful for Coop and Farley’s decision to team up at the grocery store and go off on their own in search of a few of the items on the grocery list while I took care of the rest of it. I am also grateful to the person they asked who helped them reach something on a shelf that was too high for them.

I am grateful for a few rounds of pop-o-matic trouble with those fellas tonight. More things should be pop-o-matic in this life.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley reading and rubbing his back to help him go down tonight. Won’t be long before that’s just not a thing anymore with that guy. I didn’t realize that fully when Coop was his size, but I realize it fully now. I am grateful for the dwindling littleness left in both of them.

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