I am grateful for a full, enjoyable weekend.

I am grateful for Coop’s Cub Car rally. There were so many cool cars that these kids made. Coop’s had a last minute addition of LEGO flames in the back that I think took it up a few notches.

I am grateful for time at the studio yesterday.

I am grateful for a lazy-ish Sunday. I got some cuss done, and I got some time lazing about with my nose in a book. This is thanks partly to friends who entertained our kids with their kids this afternoon, for which I am also grateful.

I’m grateful for a feast at our place tonight with those same friends.

I am grateful for variety shows that Farl, and his pal, Raph, put on for us. There was singing, beatboxing, and audience participation. That, right there, is the stuff of life.

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