Gratitude – Annual teamwork, safe travel, facetime, music

Today I am grateful to be working at the same annual conference I have been working at since 1999. Several of the people working on this show were there that first year that I was. It’s a great team and I really enjoy the sense of continuity that comes with working with them every year.

I am also grateful for safe, uneventful travel in getting here, even if it was just the ferry and a taxi cab. For that matter, perhaps especially because it was just the ferry and a taxi cab.

I am grateful for FaceTime. I am away from home, but I got to see everyone in my family tonight, and I got to wish my kids sweet dreams.

I am grateful for music. One of the guys, Armando, brought a couple of guitars, and three of us just had a little jam in his hotel room. I’ve really got to get back into the habit of jamming regularly, It’s such a great pastime, and it’s a great way to unwind.

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