Gratitude – Benny’s spaceship and Farley Turtle


I am grateful I’m getting over the plague that has now affected everyone else in the house. Barring any miracles, I’ll also be grateful for an unplanned extra day at home tomorrow, if not for my own sake than for theirs. Although really, how bad is it to sit around and watch tv and build legos and hold cuddly sick 2 year olds all day? If you can let go of the inevitable payback that awaits with an overcrowded to-do list once you get back to work, not bad at all, really.

I am grateful that Coop decided to purchase a “Benny’s Spaceship” kit, from the Lego Movie. I dig that it’s a throwback to the lego of my generation (behold, the Galaxy Explorer). Also, it’s going to give Coop and I something to do tomorrow. Also, Julie managed to find the kit used, or at least, previously gifted to a kid who is getting to old for lego and was selling it on, so Coop got a great deal. Score!

I am grateful for Farley, who was really uncomfortable today – Achy, snotty and fevery. He mostly just wanted to cuddle up on someone’s lap, and often it was mine. When he wants to do that he says he wants to be “Farley turtle”, with either a Mama or Papa turtle. He used to like to pretend to be a host of different kinds of animal babies, but he’s pretty much settled on turtles now. Enough that he just comes and says “Farley Turtle” and we know what he means. It’s also no longer acceptable to be “Baby Turtle”. Accepted names are “Big Boy Turtle” and “Farley Turtle”


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