Gratitude – christmas lights

I am grateful for more reno progress. This week we saw the delivery of the bathtub that’s going in downstairs. That marks the first thing that’s gone in that will be exposed after the reno is done. Now that it’s underway I’m
Impressed by how fast it’s all happening.

I am grateful for an evening checking out Christmas lights. I came across this list in FaceBook, and we’ve been almost all the way through the first half. They were all great, but if you are in town, DO NOT MISS 783 Hutchinson AVENUE. It was seriously amazing, and if you go, make sure you also get out of your car and check out the backyard and garage.

I’m grateful everyone is in bed and asleep. Our kids have been ill this last week with coughs and sniffles. So far so good, but one never knows what might await us in the middle of the night, after we hit the hay.

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