Gratitude – Coop reading and writing, airplanes



I am grateful for more kid self sufficiency. Today Coop made breakfast again. This time, it was 100% on his own. By the time I’d gotten out of the shower both my guys had pretty much dressed themselves, prepared breakfast and eaten it. This all blows my mind. Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it does.

I am grateful for Coop, who tonight wrote sentences that I could read, without grownups in the room. This also blew my mind. It’s a lesson for me, when he asked if he could do that exercise in the activity book he was working with, I was all like “Okay, but I think this book is more for after you can read, but I’ll work on it with you”. Not a proud moment, that, in hindsight. Still, proud enough after when it became apparent he totally understood the task at hand, could figure out the phonetics, match up the words, and write out the sentences. The pride I have for Coop in that more than makes up for the lack of pride for doubting him before. He told me before bed that he has decided he gets two stars in the chart he made for himself today, one for making breakfast again, one for the reading and writing. Good for him!

I am grateful for a nice little excursion with Farley today. We had a bit of time to kill so we went down and watched planes land in the harbour. The colours in the sky from the setting sun were amazing, and nothing makes Farley light up like big machines doing their thing; machines like boats or airplanes. If that’s not nice, what is?

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