Gratitude day 45

I am grateful for these occasional staging gigs. When they go well, like today, roles are clearly defined. There is a show at stake. A big audience with eyes on a stage you are responsible for. Everything has to be under control, but with a little luck and solid preparation, it is. There is a camaraderie with people who were strangers the day before the show, and will be again the day after. It’s always intense. Intensely stressful, intensely jubilant, or ideally, intensely boring. I am glad I don’t do these as much as I used to, but it’s fun the once in a while that I do.

I am grateful for my family. I am aware of that in this moment because I miss them. I am also grateful I’ll be home tomorrow.

I am grateful for all this dang technology. Sometimes, I feel like I could really do without it, but I can’t help but to appreciate my computer for all the amazing things it can do. We are living in the future.

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