Gratitude day 46

I am grateful for Vancouver. Vancouver and I parted ways in 2006 after 12 great years together. I don’t intend to move back, but I loved that town and still do. It was great to recognize all those places I remember so vividly but haven’t thought about for years. That apartment building my friend used to live in. That great pizza place. The street I used to bike down, and on, and on.

I am grateful for public art. Vancouver is chockablock with it. I’d bet most of it showed up during the Olympics, or maybe I am just noticing it because it’s the thing that sticks out in that spot I remember from before without it. Whatever. In some small way my day was made better by seeing many random sculptures sprinkled along outside the window of the bus to the ferry. The aggregate value of many people having days made better, even if only for a second’s glance outside the window, makes public art worth it.

And, I am grateful for the ferry. It’s an hour and a half all to myself, most times. If you catch one that times out nicely with the sun going down, the scenery is cussing unbelievable. And not least of all, it takes me home, and home is good.

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