Gratitude day 49

I am grateful for my new office. Had my first day there. Coming in for the first time a few days after everyone else had set up was great. As soon as I walked in I felt good about it, and then even more so after I set up my desk and started coding.

I am grateful for my apparent recovery . Today marks the first day back on the bike in more than 2 weeks. It felt great! Hopefully this weather holds up a while longer.

I am grateful the tent trailer is packed up for the winter. It got wet in places it shouldn’t have last winter, and its future is at this point uncertain. We’ll see how it does in the rain this year, and if it’s worth it, perhaps I’ll fix it up next season. If it’s not, it might become a utility trailer, or perhaps I will realize my dream of building a DIY teardrop trailer. Either way, i spent an hour or two schlepping stuff out of it tonight and getting it all packed away. Now, I can remove it from the “stuff I have to think about soon” column, and that’s always a relief.

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