Gratitude day 52

I am grateful for the picnic Coop and I had on the boulevard in behind his school next to our car. We had a tight timeline to get to Beavers, so I packed a few sandwiches and bananas to eat in the 45 minute period between picking up Coop at school and getting him to the scout hall. The sun was setting at the end of a clear day. Coop was happy and excited about beavers. Some of his friends at school were wandering by, and they and their parents stopped to say hi. It was nice.

I am grateful for scouting. I had a long and decorated career as a Scout.
Many of the best friends I still have today I met as a scout when I was a kid or teenager. Coop had his first Beaver
Scout meeting tonight. He had a fun time and made a swell thanksgiving centrepiece.

I am grateful for my grandpa’s Buick. I inherited it recently. I’d been having thoughts of selling it. It had a brake issue I couldn’t find the time to fix myself. It’s about as big and impractical as 1970s American cars ever got. Seeing the un-drivable, insured car parked in front of my house day after day was getting me down. I finally took it in to have it fixed and got it back today. It was great to drive it again. Grandpa bought it the summer I was born. I remember sitting in its backseat with him and my grandma as a little kid. It hasn’t changed much since then, having been in storage for decades. Taking it out for the brief bit of driving I did tonight reminded me how lucky I am to have it, at least for the time being.

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