Gratitude day 59




I am grateful for my walk home with Coop the other day. He’s in a good space right now. He likes kindergarten. He’s settling in and we’re all enjoying the routine. The day I took this picture was picture day. He loves that shirt. He looked good in it and he knew it. How do I know? He told me. Actually not me; some other kid’s dad I’m not even clear he’d ever met before. “I look good in this shirt,” he said, “I just kinda, y’know, I can feel it.”

If hearing that from your boy isn’t nice, what is?

I am grateful for cool things to look at. This morning the misty fog on the Olympics across the pond was pretty spectacular. Then, I parked next to a very cool old truck. The best vintage cars have just enough rust to let you know they still put in a day or two of hard work every now and again. I appreciate a car that’s well cared for, not just because it looks pretty, but because someone loves it enough to drive it for decades after most of its kin have already disappeared.

And lastly I am grateful for this Ted talk I watched at lunch today. It validated my policy at work of trying not to track my time too closely. You read that right; I try not to track time if I can avoid it. Why? Because my job isn’t fun when I am always watching the clock. It’s best when I can get an idea, chase it down a rabbit hole, and maybe pop back out with a cool new solution or feature for a website; an idea realized that wasn’t a sure thing when I started. I think that works best for me, and I think it works best for my clients, too.

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