Gratitude day 86

I am grateful for my house. I dig it. Coming home to see more renovation in progress has been nice too. It’ll be good to have that suite set up; the rental income will make buying this place seem like a better idea. The Boulder was pushed up the hill, now we’ve given it a push and it’s rolling.

I am grateful for homemade mac and cheese. I often like to cook, solely because I can prepare food just the way I like. Mac and cheese is like that. I am also grateful that many of things I am grateful for are simple pleasures that are easy to come by, like food I can make for my own self, and when they aren’t too fickle, my adoring family, too.

I am grateful I planned to take a few more days off after returning from our vacation. It’s nice to have a soft landing. We didn’t send the boys off to school and daycare today, so they had a soft landing, too. They are, however, going tomorrow, and we have a sitter booked for tomorrow night. After a fantastic 12 days of kid intensive weekend, beach and Disneyland time, a childless tomorrow with a day off work for Julie and I will be a nice change of pace.

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