Gratitude day 87

I am grateful for a day of playing hooky with Julie. We saw “Interstellar”. It was fantastic. I suspect it’s a movie we’ll be talking about for decades to come. I will be, anyway, I really, really liked it.

I am grateful for a moment I saw Coop at school when he didn’t know I was there. Looked like he was doing great.

I’m grateful that when we got home to find out home inhabitable for a few hours due to the work happening on the reno, we found good friends to call and invite ourselves over for dinner. The guys working on the basement were using a gas saw to cut the foundation, and exhaust fumes filled our house and were making our carbon monoxide detector wail in protest. Nice to know we have people to call in this circumstance, and it turned out to be a nice evening out, with grocery store rotisserie chickens, and kids playing together. Our house is still a bit smelly, and chilly after several hours with windows open and fans on, but we’re snug and warm in our beds now.

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