Gratitude day 91

I am grateful for bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Any 2 of those actually would make a great sandwich. The 3 together are greater than the sum of their parts.

I am still grateful for bicycles. You might think for all my talk I an avid cyclist who goes on big rides. I’m not. I pretty much always ride places I need to go anyway. What I like about biking is it fits in so nicely into my life. I need a way to get around, and biking is fun, and good for me, and saves a bundle on parking and gas. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful for all the things I should be grateful for that I don’t even know about, because I, like you, and everyone else on this planet don’t know how good I’ve got it. No matter how bad it is, it could always be worse, and likely in ways we can’t (or won’t) imagine; in ways both big and small. I was thinking about this on the ride home after work, which is up a big hill. At our last address, I did not have to climb any hill and was hardly aware I might one day live on top of one. These days, as I bike home, I’m only slightly aware that there are even bigger hills I might be living on top of. So, I am grateful it’s not a bigger hill, and more importantly, I’m grateful there’s a warm, dry comfortable place to come home to at all. Not everyone has that, but I do, and I’m lucky I have that privilege.

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