Gratitude – fermentation

I am grateful for fermentation. I recently made sauerkraut. It was delicious. I’ve also made yoghurt. It’s good and much cheaper than the normal kind. I enjoy drinking wine. Bread dough is rising overnight as I write this. Microbes die by the millions, drowning in their own tasty excretions, all for my own gastronomic enjoyment. I like to think I set the stage for them to lead happy microscopic lives. And if they know anything at all, I hope they know that their lives are indeed serving a higher purpose.

I am grateful for a full day at the office. It’s been a bit hectic, and it’s been longer than I’d have liked since the last time I did that.

I am grateful for the upcoming winter break. I intend to have lots and lots of fun and downtime with my family. If that’s not nice, what is?

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