Gratitude – free babysitting, a great play, and science.

I am grateful for my folks, who came and took care of my kids while we went to see a play tonight.

I am grateful to have seen the play, which is called Maladjusted. Are you one of my friends in Victoria? Too bad, you missed it. Are you one of my friends in Calgary? Stop what you are doing (which is reading this), clear your calendar for March 10 and 11, and buy tickets. It was really good, and deserves a more thorough review than what I am willing to write here. But seriously, just go.

I am grateful that when you boil red cabbage, it makes this purple liquid that works like litmus paper. Add something basic and it turns blue. Add something acidic and turns red. Tonight Coop and I tested and found the following substances to be basic: baking soda and concrete dust swept up in our basement. Also, we found the following to be acidic: tomatoes, cilantro, and lemon juice. Too many neutrals to mention. It was a fun to see him all excited about running around and finding samples.

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