Gratitude – learning stuff

I am grateful for an awesome daycare
Christmas Concert potluck. Little kids singing. It just can’t be beat.

I am grateful for a day I chose to spend learning new stuff at work today. One great thing about my job is that the technologies involved are always changing. It can be panic inducing when I don’t feel like I am keeping up with the state of the art, but the solution is to take an hour, or a day, or two, and just read and play with new techniques. When I do that, I remember what I love about programming. I start out learning a new skill feeling like a kid with a new lego set. Once I’ve learned it well, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Today I scratched the surface of the Angular JS framework. It’s nifty!

I am grateful for the bread I made last night. It was for the potluck. Guess what a new civilization of microbes is doing in my kitchen RIGHT NOW. More bread for us tomorrow!

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