Gratitude – longer days, the bike, handprints

2015-01-20 - MDLs Handprints

I am grateful for longer days. Today I left the house to drop off kids and go to work, then came home after a full day, all while the sun was up.

I am grateful for my bike. Again. With the weather getting better and routine settling back in, I’ve been on that thing more, and it makes my whole dang life better, even (perhaps especially) when I’m not riding it.

I am grateful for a fun night at home. Grandparents came over, and before sloppy joes (based on my grandma’s recipe), we took advantage of wet cement in the garage floor to lay some handprints down. Someday I’ll have 2 big galoots where I once had a 6 and a 2 year old, and their hands will be bigger, and it will be quite something for us to look at the marks we made down there today.

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