Gratitude – New office, beaver buggies, crazy day accomplished

I am grateful for my new office. The move went smoothly. I managed to secure parking at both locations, and all the stuff went from the one place to the other without any issues. By about 2pm I’d set up all my stuff and had met Julie for lunch. It’s nice. There’s a window. I opened it and could hear birds twittering away.

I am grateful for the big beaver buggy race that happened tonight. The beavers put together the buggies a few weeks ago, and they raced them on a track tonight. Cooper was pleased to make it to the semi-finals; his buggy was first in the first 2 races. Farley brought one along too, and I am grateful there was time for the brothers to race head to head against eachother before the track got put away.

I am grateful for this crazy day all working out. It started early, with Farley’s first dental appointment before dropping of the boys at school. Then there was all the moving craziness, followed by the beaver meeting. Phew! It was a long, action packed day, and it all went fine, and I am looking forward to taking it a bit easier tomorrow and on the weekend.

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