Gratitude – sushi, podcasts, chutzpah

I am grateful for lunch yesterday. I had takeout sushi from Fujiya, drove to the parking lot at the top of Mount Tolmie where there is a great view), and ate while listening to a really great first episode of what promises to be a great podcast. It doesn’t take much for me to experience the sublime.

I am grateful for a nice dinner out with the folks, and for great behaviour from
My kids at said dinner out. Restaurants with kids is an experience that can go haywire. Tonight it didn’t.

I am grateful to my own self for having the chutzpah to return a steak to the kitchen. I’m the kind of guy who would usually let that go and chock it up to a new culinary experience. Fact is though, a medium rare steak is far preferable to me than well done, and I enjoyed it way more that way.

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