Gratitude – the chicken way, crisis averted, simple but good dinner

 I am grateful for the chicken way. After I drop Cooper off at school, I go to drop off Farley at daycare. Every day, we go “the chicken way”, where we stop by a neighbour’s yard where there is a chicken coop. I watch Farley’s face in the rear view mirror light up, and usually within a minute, he says “bye bye chickens” and then I know it’s time to go.

I am grateful there was a floor model of the unitized washer/dryer we ordered. I received a call today from GE telling me that the one we ordered was out of production, and we should go get a refund. There was a fair amount of agony involved in making that decision (side note: I do not recommend appliance shopping with a 2 and 6 year old). I did not want to have to make it again, so I called up the store and was able to buy the one they had on display. Phew!

I am grateful for a simple but great dinner tonight. Flank steak, quinoa, and brocolli. I did the steak on the BBQ, and just for kicks, did the broccoli on it too. It turned out great. Know why? because everything cooked on a BBQ is better. That’s why.

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