I am grateful for Michaelmas. What’s Michaelmas, you ask? I only found out moments myself! It’s the feast day for Michael, the archangel in the Roman Catholic faith. It’s a day with the same name as mine, and that’s awesome. According to Wikipedia, the traditional feast is goose. I’ve never had goose before, but on September 29, 2015, I intend to.

I am grateful for mostly tidyish house. My in-laws arrive tomorrow. I think they’d be fairly accepting of an untidy house, but I feel better having them over with less shame for any blatant disregard for the hygiene of their grandkids environment.

I am grateful for Coop. He’s turning 6. It’s cliche, but all that time feels like it’s flown right by. I miss the cuss out of all the Coops from years past, but I love the cuss out of that not-so-little fella now, and I will forevermore. If that’s not nice, I don’t know what is.

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