March 1st Photo


As promised – the monthly photo.

There were highlights from February too:

  • The birth of my new nephew, Will. I am thrilled for Cooper, who had 4 girl-cousins before, now he has 4 girl-cousins and one boy-cousin who is only a couple months younger!
  • Going back to work. My first day back was February 2nd. I like my job, but not working for 2 months was pretty great. I can see why people buy lottery tickets.
  • Going to the Butterfly Gardens here in town, or just outside anyway. Julie and I went and joined part of a group of folks with kids doing kid friendly stuff. It was fantastic – I expected the visit to be interesting, but didn’t forsee it being relaxing. We bought passes.
  • Hanging out with visitors from Vancouver, Elizabeth, Gord, and Tamara.
  • Watching Cooper with his Nana and Pop when my in-laws came for a visit.
  • Slowly but surely, finding parenthood more and more normal, and finding bits of time to do some of the stuff I’ve always done – fiddling on computers and playing music with my buddies.

There are highlights from March already too, but I’m going to save them for later.

4 thoughts on “March 1st Photo

  1. Thanks for the report and the picture.  The Lathrop Ladies had tea today and Linda gave a glowing report of Cooper.  We are looking forward to Easter.

    Much love . . .

  2. Hey!! I was wondering how the little man was doing! Looook at his hair! And he’s so alert!!

    Hope all is well!
    Nicola and Crew

  3. Gina urged me to check out the fauxhawk and I’m sure glad I did. Nice locks, Coop! And flaming red too… are a real handsome dude! I can’t wait to meet you in person…
    lots o’ love

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