My 40th Birthday

Apologies in advance for a grumpy, narcissistic blog post.

I turned 40 today. I find myself asking, “How the Hell did this happen?”.

The answer to that question is obvious, and really, turning 40 is much better than not turning 40. The truth is, I have a lot of genuine gratitude for the things in my life I know to be thankful for.

But still, 40. In all my days, 40 has seemed old. Now that I’m here, 40 still seems old. 40 is older than I feel, and how I feel is still not as young as I’d like to feel.

I know some of you are reading this thinking, “40 is young!”. I’d bet you didn’t feel that way when you turned 40 though. I’ll be honest: if you did, I don’t want to hear about it.

It’s funny, Coop has recently learned he’s mortal, and he isn’t too happy about mortality either. Turns out that after nearly 4 decades, a finite lifespan is still a bummer when you stop to think about it. Reading Charlotte’s Web has been therapeutic for both of us, though

The trick is probably not to think about it too much. I’ll get over this in a day or two, I bet.

I might have to open a bottle of wine tonight.

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