Oh ya! I have a blog!

It’s been a while.

I don’t know why.

Been busy, been moving, bla bla bla. For whatever reason, I haven’t been blogging. I keep wanting to, but I think I start to forget how.

I keep thinking, I need to write an entry about this, or about that, and then I think about how it could be a great entry, and then I think about how I am not up to writing a great entry right now, and then another day goes by.

So I am writing this entry, I think, to prove that an entry doesn’t have to be great to be written. I can just sit down and start typing and lo, the blog lives.

And now that I am doing it, I remember that it is comforting to sit and tap at the keyboard. It gets the wheels turning. It gets me to start thinking about stuff.

Like, how since I last wrote, I’ve changed a bunch of stuff in my life. Notably, I we have moved. I am really committed to living in Victoria now. We bought a home. This was a big dream of mine for a long time, and I am really happy we did it. I feel differently, and better, about the place in which I live.

I also worked on-site at a corporate show in a remote place for the last time. This is something I had been talking about getting out of for a long time, and now I am out of it. This also feels good, mostly, but I already miss the camaraderie I used to share with the great people I used to work with. I’ll retain friendships and business relationships with many of those folks, but hanging out in a living room or restaurant or working on something over the phone and via email in my office is just not the same as being present, with a team, under pressure, on site at a corporate show.

So much of change, and it’s all good change, but any time one starts something new, it usually means a loss of something old, and regardless of how good the change is, there is a part of you that mourns that loss, just a little.

So it turns out I do know why it’s been a while. Things have been changing. Life has been up in the air, and the blog fell by the wayside. I think the fact I am sitting here typing now is an indication that things are settling down. That feels good.

And I remember now that an entry doesn’t have to be great to be written. It’s not why I have this blog. I remember now now why I do this. It’s because I like to write little tidbits like this one every now and again. So whether it’s a great entry or not doesn’t matter much to me – it’s really just the process of putting thoughts down on paper. Or on screen. On the web. Wherever. Just not in my head anymore.

I can’t seem to do without an audience though. Thank you for reading this far!

1 thought on “Oh ya! I have a blog!

  1. Hey there Mike – we always love getting any news you want to share! Glad life is evolving in a positive manner – again congrats on you & Julie’s new abode.

    Take care… WBL’s

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