Old Laptop into Digital Photo Frame


It was day 2 of my vacation yesterday, and I embarked on a project that I have been thinking of doing for a while. I had in my possession an old Toshiba laptop, I think it was manufactured in 1999 or 2000 or so. It had a pentium 2 266 in it and a 4 gig hard drive, and was running windows 98, and the battery had long since expired. It was a hard thing to own, because, it was almost useful, but not really.

I had the thought of making it into a digital picture frame. How hard could it be to take it apart, change the screen so it faced out instead of in, and mount it into something pretty? Not that hard, actually.

I thought, I wonder if anyone has done this before, and did a search on google, and found this link that shows a long list of old laptop models, and instructions on how to do exactly what I was hoping to do.

I did however, stray from the plan I found there a little. rather than install linux, I found a $20 piece of shareware that suited my needs fine called pictureriver. I might’ve found something free, or probably could have made something on my own, but there it was and it works great, and $20 is a pretty cheap dgital photo frame.

Now it hangs on the wall and displays the “greatest hits” photos I have loaded it up with randomly. I picked out 140 so far, and at 800×600, the screen’s native resolution, they take up about 10 MB. With about 2.7 GB to fill, it will hold a pretty decent number of photos!

The only drag is that cord. I still need to think of a way to conceal it somewhat. This might justify a trip to Canadian Tire on day 3 of my vacation.

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  1. Very cool idea, Mike. It looks great. Is that a gigantic burger bun in the photo? Hope you & Jules had a brilliant holiday!

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