Photoshop Class

I’ll be teaching two Photoshop classes that are part of the Camosun College’s Web Design Certificate. There will be a total of 36 hours, and one piece of advice I received from a former instructor at Camosun as to divide things up into 20 to 60 minute bite sized chunks.

Going on that theory, I have been brainstorming to come up with as many as I can, thinking that for 36 hours of teaching, I’ll probably need around 72 topics. My list so far can be found here. I’ve heard rumours that ImageReady is not going to be continued in CS3, so I want to stay away from that, but otherwise, I am looking for any and all topic suggestions. I know a lot of folks who use Photoshop, and I am hoping there are some of you out there who can help me out.

I should mention that I am writing this post partly because the last plea for help worked out very well for me. Thanks to everyone who offered up suggestions for the Graphic Design course!

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