RIP, Old Laptop


I ordered a new computer the other day, and I am giddy about its imminent arrival. I’ll miss the current one, though. My old laptop was purchased in the beginning of 2005, and has served me very, very well.

When I bought it I did an experiment. Previously, I’d always focused on specs per dollar. Whichever machine had the most RAM, processing speed, or hard drive space won out. Back when I bought this one though, I tried putting a new criterion ahead of all that.

I walked around the store, trying out the laptops and judged them for their physical attributes. Not for aesthetics, but ergonomics. I wanted keys that didn’t have different functions printed on them. I wanted a number pad. I wanted ports on the side instead of the back. I wanted a well placed touchpad that didn’t get in the way of typing. Once I found a machine that felt like I wanted of too, then I went about finding the particular model that had the specs I needed.

And honestly, I think that’s why I’ve kept this old thing as long as I have. I love working on it and always have. Hopefully the new one serves me as well.

4 thoughts on “RIP, Old Laptop

  1. Don’t know anything about computers and don’t want to learn.  But, I am able to get some of the pictures of Cooper, so that is all I care about your computers.

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