Sleeping Pumpkin Video and Quick Update

I could watch this kid sleep all day (and for a lot of the time today, did, actually).

I’ve got more photos and video to post, but as you might imagine, I’ve been busy, and would kind of like to follow Pumpkin’s lead right now.

Also: still no name. We had a short list of 30 names before the birth (not that short). From that, we narrowed it down to 20. Then, while trying to trim it down further, we somehow added a couple to make 22. Then, Julie came up with a hum-dinger, so that would make it 23. We’re test driving that final contender for a while before we commit. That’s our story, we’re sticking to it.

Also: you can see in this video, his hair is not red. A bit auburn maybe, but I think that might be a stretch. It’s softer than silk, I can tell you that much.

Also: while you can’t see it well in the images I’ve posted so far, the swarthy devil has sideburns, just like his Papa. Not sure how long that will last, but this pleases me to no end.

Sleep well, world. I intend to, for an hour or two at least, I hope!


6 thoughts on “Sleeping Pumpkin Video and Quick Update

  1. I heart him!!! He is possibly the cutest biggest cheeked 2-day old baby ever! Seriously… Grab some winks while you can. We love you guys!

  2. Aawwwhhhh!!!!! So precious – I hear ya about watching them all the time – what miracles they are!!! Love u guys & looking forward to the big name decision.

    Hugs Patti

  3. how sweet he is! ohhh that face! Enjoy – and please give us a shout if there are any errands that we could run for you that might give you more time for sleep or baby watching.

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