Farley River Lewis Lathrop

Farley River Lewis Lathrop

It was not easy to come up with that, let me tell you. Naming someone is serious business. In my not-so-humble opinion we knocked it out of the park with Cooper, so we really wanted to do this guy the same justice. I think we did!

We liked the sound of Farley when Julie first brought it up for consideration. I also really wanted to equip my new son with the kind of name that when you hear it, you know it’s a name, but it’s not the name of anyone you know already. Here’s hoping that bears out for Farley.

Years back, when Julie and I first moved to Victoria, we lived in a neighbourhood we really enjoyed called Fernwood. When we were pregnant with Cooper, we remarked Fernwood might make a good name. When we looked up the meaning of the name Farley, I was delighted to see that it was:

“… possibly from “fearn leah”, an Old English phrase meaning “fern wood”.

I also need to mention I really like the rainforests here in the Pacific Northwest; they are one of the reasons I chose to live here.

As for River, Julie just likes the sound of it, and so do I. When I hear it in Farley’s name, I can’t help but to envision the Elbow River I grew up with near my childhood home in Calgary.

And Lewis was another of the contenders for a first name. It’s rife in my Family; I have a Great Grandfather, a Great Uncle, and a second cousin or two with that name.

In case the embedded slideshow above isn’t working for you, you can check out the photos uploaded to Picasa using this link:

Sleeping Pumpkin Video and Quick Update

I could watch this kid sleep all day (and for a lot of the time today, did, actually).

I’ve got more photos and video to post, but as you might imagine, I’ve been busy, and would kind of like to follow Pumpkin’s lead right now.

Also: still no name. We had a short list of 30 names before the birth (not that short). From that, we narrowed it down to 20. Then, while trying to trim it down further, we somehow added a couple to make 22. Then, Julie came up with a hum-dinger, so that would make it 23. We’re test driving that final contender for a while before we commit. That’s our story, we’re sticking to it.

Also: you can see in this video, his hair is not red. A bit auburn maybe, but I think that might be a stretch. It’s softer than silk, I can tell you that much.

Also: while you can’t see it well in the images I’ve posted so far, the swarthy devil has sideburns, just like his Papa. Not sure how long that will last, but this pleases me to no end.

Sleep well, world. I intend to, for an hour or two at least, I hope!


The Great Pumpkin

Baby Boy pumpkin (working title) was born today, May 15th, 2012 at 7:47pm. He weighed in at 10 lbs! He came via cesarian section, which we were expecting.

Julie did (and is doing) fantastic. She was awake and present for the whole experience, and has been since, too. Breastfeeding was a bit of a challenge at first, but within a few minutes he was humming along nicely, and much to our delight, while his blood sugar levels were low initially, they’ve risen to normal since.

As I write this, he’s feeding again.

Our last birthing experience with Cooper was a success, in that everyone came out healthy in the end. There were some real difficulties we had then, though, that I expected today. They just never materialized. Pumpkin didn’t only avoid the NICU, he didn’t even need an incubator. He also hasn’t needed formula (at least, not yet). Julie was in better health going in this time, and didn’t need as many drugs, and she was and is much more lucid and present. I’m extremely pleased to be having such a great experience this time around.

And Pumpkin is cuter than cute. I love him to bits and can’t wait to introduce Cooper and all other friends and family!!




It’s a very exciting time to be alive when you are expecting a baby. Everything takes on a new significance. I know I frequently think about what things must have been like the year I was born, and I find myself trying to imagine what it would have been like to live in that time in my parents’ shoes.

And so it is now, I see what the cars look like in the streets, and I see the world changing devices (like this one I am typing on), and I try to imagine what it will be like for this child when they’re all grown into adulthood and watching period movies about this time we are all living in.

A year or two before I was born (in 1972) my dad saved up his pennies and bought himself a fancy new electronic gadget – a handheld pocket calculator. At the time it was hard to imagine such technology, I’m sure. When Cooper was born I’d recently acquired an iPhone. What will be in the next generation’s pockets? Will they even have pockets?

Man, a world without pockets. I fear for the future.

What I expect to expect (as I am expecting)

Expecting a new baby recalls the last time I was expecting a new baby, in 2008, when Julie was pregnant with Coop. I asked a lot of people what it was like to have kids, trying to anticipate and understand just what the heck was actually happening. The most consistent thing I heard from people who had started families was that there was no way to describe or comprehend what the difference was. After a while, I started believing them, and I can remember the odd conundrum of trying to prepare for something you know you can’t really wrap your head around until it happens.

It was true, by the way. I don’t think you can really understand how life will change when you have kids. If I could go back to a childless me 3 and a half years ago, and try to describe to myself what was coming, I wouldn’t be able to. There really aren’t words.

So, this with this baby, unlike the last, I have previous experience. I’ve done it before, and I think I have a better idea of what it will be like this time around. While I still don’t think I could fully describe to someone what it’s like to go from having no kids to having a kid (to the point they’d really get it, anyway), I do know that this time around there are a few big things I’ll be aware of:

When the kid is born, personal time will vanish.
There will barely be 10 minutes in a day that won’t be applied to parenting, working, or commuting between the two for the first while. That might seem exaggerated, but that really is my perception of how it went for me after Coop was born. (Those 10 minutes though? GOLDEN.)

My life will become less about myself.
When I had no kids, I felt my life was pretty much all about me, and I was right. After Coop was born, it became very apparent I was no longer quite at the center of my universe anymore. I am still a celestial body in it, but off to the side from the middle. With another kiddo, I anticipate I’ll be a bit further off to the side again.

Somehow, those 2 points above will be okay.
Sounds scary as I see it in print, but In fact, it is all is completely worth it by a longshot.

Life changes: it gets easier, less intense, and more fun.
I remember the first week with Coop as one of the best and worst times of my life. The Happiness was euphoric; I felt complete, and more capable of love than I ever would have imagined. I also felt fatigue like I never had before. Because of that, my body felt older, I was irritable, there was strain on my relationship with Julie, and it all made for a pretty tough time. When that’s all happening, you don’t know how long it’s going to last. You wonder if it will always be like this.

It’s not.

With this new arrival, I know it will be tough at first, but then in a few months I will be sleeping more, I’ll get used to the new definition of ‘us’, and I’ll start to feel the relief that comes with a sense of normalcy.

Later, that infant will become a person, complete with personality, and it will be fun to hang out with them (that is, if experience is anything to go by).

It’s a real trip to hold a tiny infant and contemplate your place in the vast universe, and to try to grasp the meaning of all the circumstances that had to culminate to allow you and this precious child to share this moment. It’s a real trip, and a wonderful thing, but it’s also really intense, and not really fun.

Fun is going swimming with a (nearly) 3 year old who has just discovered the joy that is jumping into water, and shows boundless enthusiasm for it with a 20 minute toothy grin that just won’t stop. Fun is being completely absorbed with the game of catch. Swimming and catch: totally fun, and not so intense. Also: that’s what I did this morning with Coop, and it was awesome.

We’re expecting a new baby! May 2012

Yes it’s big news!

Julie is roughly 14 weeks into this pregnancy and we will be expecting a new baby sometime in May 2012.

So far everything is going along well. Julie’s been tired and nauseated which we’ve been accepting as good news. This is easier news for me to accept as good than Julie.

We told Coop last week and he’s been taking it well. He hasn’t grasped the full profundity of the situation, but slowly it is sinking in. I did lots of Internet research on how to tell him about his new baby sister or brother, but when we told him his only reaction was to ask, “Okay, now can I watch the Backyardigans?”. Fair enough.

With Julie’s recent narcoleptic tendencies and new full time employment, life’s been a little hectic in our world lately. It’s been a crazy time.

I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the slow parts of my day where I can find them. I know that when this kiddo arrives, these days will seem like a pretty easy time in contrast, what with all the sleeping and the conspicuous absence of diapers.

We’re excited and eager to meet the new baby, and I’m pleased to be telling the world the big news!