It’s a very exciting time to be alive when you are expecting a baby. Everything takes on a new significance. I know I frequently think about what things must have been like the year I was born, and I find myself trying to imagine what it would have been like to live in that time in my parents’ shoes.

And so it is now, I see what the cars look like in the streets, and I see the world changing devices (like this one I am typing on), and I try to imagine what it will be like for this child when they’re all grown into adulthood and watching period movies about this time we are all living in.

A year or two before I was born (in 1972) my dad saved up his pennies and bought himself a fancy new electronic gadget – a handheld pocket calculator. At the time it was hard to imagine such technology, I’m sure. When Cooper was born I’d recently acquired an iPhone. What will be in the next generation’s pockets? Will they even have pockets?

Man, a world without pockets. I fear for the future.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. I really enjoy reading all your blogs Mike…I’m glad you have had time and inclination to restart writing.

    Pockets reminds me of shopping with your Grandma H. a long time ago. I would see a perfect outfit – she would see no pockets and that was that. I remember being sort of irritated with her as the outfit would look terrific and was perfect in other ways. But off we would go to look for something with pockets.

    Now I find myself shopping and saying uhh, no I won’t be getting this whatever it is garment. There are no pockets!! Some things are timeless. Pockets maybe???

  2. I too like all your blogs. I often wonder what my grandchildren’s children will be confounded by when they are my age. I hope they have grandchildren who can help them when that time comes. I do. I am fortunate.

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