Why Blog?

For years I have been thinking of starting a blog, but I would always ask myself, why? I didn’t have a good answer for that question, so I put it off. I never stopped thinking about it entirely, though, like an unfinished project in pieces in a box somewhere I was waiting for the right time to finish, blogging always felt like an inevitable fate for me, but the motivation was never imminent.

Then a couple of things happened.

A recent move to Victoria from Vancouver drove home the importance for me to keep my human relationships alive. I thought a blog might help facilitate that, and even help forge new ones. I know I sometimes wonder about people I haven’t talked to in a while. If they are bloggers, I can cease to wonder and just find out, and if I am so inclined, leave a radar blip for them in email or comment form. Knowing I was leaving my community, I felt blogging was a way to leave it without abandoning it.

Another reason is, as a guy who develops web sites professionally, I really wanted to explore all the ins and outs of the techniques in creating a blogging web site. I wanted to do that for myself. I learn best when I am not motivated by deadlines and budgets. If I want to futz with this blog for 3 hours to figure out how to make the smallest detail work exactly how I want it to, I can do that without feeling I am working ineffectively or inefficiently. More to the point, I have the freedom to work on my blog as ineffectively or inefficiently as I want to.

* * *

My brother shared some wise words with me that related to this concept once. He was talking about working on a 20 year old Subaru, not a personal blog, but the principle applies.

“If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right,” He said.

“But if it is NOT worth doing,” he continued, “at least you don’t have to worry about doing it well.”

This is an important concept in learning anything, I have found. If you are willing to make mistakes, you’ll try new things. If you aren’t, you rarely will venture outside of the bounds you’ve created for yourself.

* * *

But I digress. About blogging. Having covered the learning issue, let me now address the largest myth about blogs that I have found so far.

Some people think that those who blog are doing it for the benefit of their readers. Not true.

For me anyway, blogging is more about getting stuff off my chest. I now have a reason to sit and hammer away at this keyboard – It is because I have a blog. Frankly, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing much at all.

I welcome you to read my blog, dear reader, and I am flattered that you have read this far, but make no mistake. Right now I am doing this because, well, I kind of like writing.

I like seeing my thoughts travel out of my brain, through my arms, hands, and fingers, clumsily fed through the keyboard one letter at a time, and eventually on to any computer screen that dares point itself at my blog. I like that, and that is another reason I do it.

My friend Travis, who is very heavy into blogging, said in a recent conversation, “A lot of people ask me why I blog, and the only response I have is, ‘Try it! Try it and you’ll see!’”

Well, I have tried it, and now I see.


1 thought on “Why Blog?

  1. Mike

    Who would ever initially think that blogging is such a profound form of finding your own voice and connecting with others?  I started my blog almost a year ago and I must admit that I am quite religious about it now.  I meet people from around the world through my blog.  This is a miracle to me.  I think of blogging as a form of invocation.  As I write about what I love, my enthusiasm is communicated to others.  It gathers momentum and creates more of what I love in my life.  I would recommend it to anyone!

    Good for you for designing this blog from scratch and for finally starting your own blog!

    Keep on Keepin on as you would say!


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