Why is this Site so Freaking Ugly?

I predict, for a while anyway, that much of my blogging will be about blogging.

This is what I do as an escape from packing.

To give myself the best opportunity to learn this CMS inside and out, I have decided to forego all premade templates for the meantime, and to just build this thing as best as I can with handcoding. I figure this wil give me the deepest understanding of how Expression Engine works, and will offer me the most genuine learning curve.

Some people play video games, I futz with stuff like this.

So I apologize, dear reader, for the meantime at least you have one ugly blog to look at. Hopefully imrovements will be coming shortly.

3 thoughts on “Why is this Site so Freaking Ugly?

  1. I love this blog, by the way.  And it’s not ugly.  It’s just very plain.  Plain is good.  Vanilla ice cream is good.  A clean empty room is good.

  2. I like this blog too as I am easily confused.  It is also quicker to load for all us dial upper types.  I also like it because I am easily confused, uh oh wait a minute

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